Nyah Nyah (dylanashes) wrote in hallenbuce_love,
Nyah Nyah

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

HALO the other night......... forgot to type this shit up.

Mike Joy :
- i just like dogs. and dogs like me.
- You gotta whack it.

Dan :
- i slapped you in the ass with my rocket launcher.
- he's moving down.

Josh :
- i shot you 6 fucking times in the face
- i kept nailing you with my gun
- i got a couple shots off on him.
- i'm nailing doug dude.

dave :
- nick's still on me.

doug :
- where have you been all my life [to nick or something? i forget]
- no, that was your body.

Amy :
- why didn't you come in and play with me sooner?


Josh : i can sit on dave's lap
Dave : josh loves to sit on my lap.

Josh : what the fuck are you doing you faggot?!
Dan : i thought you were dave.
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