Nyah Nyah (dylanashes) wrote in hallenbuce_love,
Nyah Nyah

The Hallenbuce Theory

This community is about friendships.

there is one friendship i envy. there is one friendship out of all the people i know that makes me have hope. this is Doug and Dan.

they have the most awesome relationship i've ever seen. they care so much, and aren't afraid of showing they care.

usually guys, being friends and all, don't have that open communication. they don't have the openmindedness. they're embarassed to say "i love you" or hug without slapping the other on the back to prove their masculinity.

i envy Doug and Dan's friendship because i've never had one that was on that level before.

i know Dan is mad about this, and Doug's been mad since we started watching them interact.. but in all honesty you guys, we're all in awe of how well you two work together. you think we're making fun of you, we're not.

The Hallenbuce Theory is just a few of us getting together to try and figure out how human interaction works. sorry if it came off as us being mean or being stupid.. but it's just a theory of human behaviour.. nothing more, nothing less and nothing making fun of you. we just didn't know what to call it honestly.
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