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[09 Sep 2007|03:24pm]

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a question [21 Feb 2004|04:15pm]

does this community even exist anymore??
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you fucking goofballs [03 Mar 2003|12:29am]

[ mood | amused ]

how could you dissolve your sillly wanna be gay antics for some women? You know how pathetic that is?
i bet you two dont even look at this community anymore, but if you ever touch an x box controller ever again, i swear to god i kick your fuckin asses in halo you slime sucking pieces of shit.

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[22 Mar 2002|01:21am]

Dream up to Time: well what are you guys up to? come play with me or something
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[20 Mar 2002|03:16pm]

i miss seeing the interaction...it's beena while
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gross [19 Mar 2002|02:31am]

The Douglas Pouch :

ew, hey girls, looks like we've got douglas in us if we want him or not..............


woulda been more gross if i'd put the actual picture..... i think the diagram is sufficient...............

Dream up to Time: lmfao that so perfect tiffany
OO tiffany: lol.
OO tiffany: yeah... it explains a lot.....
OO tiffany: a WHOLE lot
Dream up to Time: ya whhhuh
Dream up to Time: chop off your douglas
OO tiffany: jvkdsal; yhrfweuio; ghaufjksd
OO tiffany: GROSS AMY!!!!!!!
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[17 Mar 2002|11:14pm]

listening to howie day.. eating lifesavers jellybeans.

Me : "My mouth just came."

yeah... lol
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[17 Mar 2002|04:32pm]

Josh : i just hurt myself badly on that potato.

Dan : beat me, c'mon doug. beat me.

Josh: Let's go give it to ourselves.

and the winner for this post is.......

DOUG : [reads the "BreastFeeding is Welcome Here" sticker outside of Someday Cafe] Do you have breast-milk? like, could I get a breast milk latte?

there's a rumor that dan and doug are going to get together and make their own lj community about amy and i.. i tried telling them that this is the work of jared and i, but they just weren't listening.
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i dunno [14 Mar 2002|03:02am]

[ mood | awake ]

i didnt see enough love between you-know-who the other day....could they be censoring themselves? Hugging behind closed doors? Could that be their secret revenge? they will just stop expressing their plutonic man-love because we enjoy seeing it so much? I think im overreacting...(but what if im not???)

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FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! [14 Mar 2002|02:59am]

HALO the other night......... forgot to type this shit up.

Mike Joy :
- i just like dogs. and dogs like me.
- You gotta whack it.

Dan :
- i slapped you in the ass with my rocket launcher.
- he's moving down.

Josh :
- i shot you 6 fucking times in the face
- i kept nailing you with my gun
- i got a couple shots off on him.
- i'm nailing doug dude.

dave :
- nick's still on me.

doug :
- where have you been all my life [to nick or something? i forget]
- no, that was your body.

Amy :
- why didn't you come in and play with me sooner?


Josh : i can sit on dave's lap
Dave : josh loves to sit on my lap.

Josh : what the fuck are you doing you faggot?!
Dan : i thought you were dave.
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[12 Mar 2002|04:35pm]

amy just kissed me on the cheek!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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oh oppie poo, lets all have a huge orgy with k, fake cocks and electric vaginas while jammin to the lost highway sndtrk! PETE AND DAN! GET THE FUCKING X-BOX'S! ILL SET UP THE DREAMCAST AND PUT ALL MY UNDERWEAR AWAY! LETS DO IT NOW! FUCK WORK!

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The Hallenbuce Theory [11 Mar 2002|02:26am]

This community is about friendships.

there is one friendship i envy. there is one friendship out of all the people i know that makes me have hope. this is Doug and Dan.

they have the most awesome relationship i've ever seen. they care so much, and aren't afraid of showing they care.

usually guys, being friends and all, don't have that open communication. they don't have the openmindedness. they're embarassed to say "i love you" or hug without slapping the other on the back to prove their masculinity.

i envy Doug and Dan's friendship because i've never had one that was on that level before.

i know Dan is mad about this, and Doug's been mad since we started watching them interact.. but in all honesty you guys, we're all in awe of how well you two work together. you think we're making fun of you, we're not.

The Hallenbuce Theory is just a few of us getting together to try and figure out how human interaction works. sorry if it came off as us being mean or being stupid.. but it's just a theory of human behaviour.. nothing more, nothing less and nothing making fun of you. we just didn't know what to call it honestly.
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[10 Mar 2002|06:50pm]

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[10 Mar 2002|06:29pm]

Parking Lot next to the Someday.....

late at night. Doug finds a chair and sits in it. Dan walks behind him, putting his hands on his shoulders and giving him a light massage............

Doug's house.. playing Halo
Dan in chair... Doug's head resting between Dan's legs......

;) they're so cute.
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[10 Mar 2002|06:23pm]

Doug : I'm gonna get you...... I'm gonna eat you.
Tiffany : [from other room] Who'd he say that to?
Dan : Me.
Josh : Dan, you know i've always got your back.
Dan : I know Josh, that's why I love you.
Doug : I thought you loved me.....
Dan : I do doug.
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[10 Mar 2002|06:21pm]

oh yeah, this is great.....
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